Decisions Regarding an Advanced Health Care Directive

UHB Law Group of Monmouth County believes that educated and prepared clients not only help to protect and carry out their wishes, but also help family members with difficult and emotional decisions. This is accomplished in many ways, including an Advanced Health Care Directive, a legally binding form that allows you to provide instructions regarding your health care and select someone who can make these decisions, should you be unable to do so for yourself. 

An Advanced Health Care Directive, also known as an Advanced Directive or a Living Will, should be made while you are well and not facing any health concerns. It allows you to clearly make decisions with written guidance on the types of treatments you approve or those you would decline. 

What is an Advanced Directive?

There are two parts to an Advanced Health Care Directive: 


  • Proxy Directive (Health Care Proxy or Medical Power of Attorney) - This is the person to act on your behalf - if needed, to make necessary medical decisions and work with your health care providers and insurance companies. Your representative (proxy or agent) should understand and act as you have directed. It may be a family member or friend and perhaps live in or close to the same state as you. Additionally, you may want to have an alternative, should your proxy or agent be unavailable or unable to act in your behalf.

  • Instruction Directive (Living Will) - This document states and authorizes your wishes pertaining to life-sustaining care should you be unable to communicate, which is vital for doctors and hospitals. This includes stopping life support, stopping or continuing nutrition or hydration, and organ donation. 

Our experienced NJ Health Care Directive attorneys can help you change any of your decisions, if needed. Additionally, should you become a new resident of New Jersey with an existing Advanced Directive, new documents may be necessitated.

What happens if You do not have an Advanced Health Care Directive?

If you do not have an Advanced Directive or it does not meet state requirements, you may have to go to court, even if all family members agree. UHB Law Group has helped residents in Manalapan, Marlboro and the surrounding towns carry out their final wishes, thus helping to reduce stress and potential family disagreements. To learn more about a NJ Health Care Directive or Medical Power of Attorney, please schedule an appointment. We are here to help.

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