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A personal injury case is when one person suffers harm from an accident or injury, and someone else may be legally responsible for it. Claiming one’s hard earned money from the insurance companies sometimes turns extremely irksome when you don’t know all your rights.

Here at UHB Law Group located in the state of New Jersey, we are committed to getting our clients the most for their personal injury claims, as this is something that has had a great impact on their well-being and can affect their ability to work and do everyday things.



The following are the indication when you should consult with a personal injury attorney:


  • Severe injuries such as car accidents, injuries from ultra hazardous activities,  slip and fall injuries, injuries caused by animals (dog bites), injuries by defamation causing emotional/mental distress.

  • Long term injuries that may last long more than a year (permanently disabled).

  • A case of disputed liability where the insurance company denies to pay the money, as you do not have the suitable proof of the accident.

  • A case of disputed liability where the insurance company refuses to pay any amount at all or doesn't act fair in the final settlement statement.

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Here at UHB Law Group located in the state of New Jersey, we do our best to try and resolve personal injury cases we get in mediation and arbitration where both parties can agree on a settlement. However, unique cases do happen and we are more than confident that if we have to take your case to trial, we will use our utmost professionalism to get you the most that we can.

We have true compassion for our clients.

Most legal mattters that reach the point of litigation are emotionally, psychologically, and financially draining on the parties involved.  However, only personal injury matters add the additional element of physical pain and suffering to the other stressors listed above.  It is this additional element that truly raises the stakes in any personal injury matter and increases all of the other emotions at play.  Unless you have been personally injured or have been around someone who has sustained a serious injury, it can be hard to understand how a neck or back injury can impact so many different aspects of an individual's life.  We believe that in order for any personal injury attorney to be successful and truly understand his or her clients it is critical to have this experience and compassion. 

We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury matters and have seen first hand how an individual's life can be dramatically altered as the result of a car accident, slip and fall, or any other serious injury.  We have seen seriously injured individuals be stonewalled by insurance companies for no reason other than a general litigation strategy of vigorously defending all matters regardless of the degree of liability or the nature of the injuries involved. 

We know exactly how frustrating and devastating this can be if you have been paying insurance premiums your entire life and now find yourself seriously injured and with mounting medical bills.  We have the skills and experience to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and to take the case all the way to trial if necessary. 



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