Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

Working with UHB Law Group provides relief to family of clients in Monmouth and Middlesex counties. They turn to us for help and guidance when they come in and ask, “Do I need a power of attorney?”  We pride ourselves on taking the time to listen carefully to each client, as we explain in detail about the purpose, role and ramifications of a Power of Attorney.  

Clarity comes first.

Understanding what a Power of Attorney means is where we start. Often, people turn to the internet, friends, family or co-workers for advice - which may offer conflicting or inaccurate advice. As experts in this field, we explain how this powerful, legal document assigns legal authority to someone else (Agent or Attorney-In-Fact) in order to make decisions regarding finances, assets, health and other legal decisions. The person executing or signing a Power of Attorney is the Principal. Some of the reasons for Power of Attorney include:


  • Purchasing/Selling Real Estate

  • Managing Property/Assets

  • Banking

  • Investing

  • Charitable Gifts

  • Litigation/Contract Resolution

  • Retirement/Estate Planning

  • Taxes

  • Medical Decisions

Whether there is an illness or disability, or if someone is unavailable and representation is necessitated, a Power of Attorney is essential. Authority - whether limited or broad must be clearly defined. Choose wisely! Multiple Agents can be selected, if advantageous.

Types of Power of Attorney

There are various types of Power of Attorney. These include:

  • Durable: Takes effect immediately and stays in place until revoked by the Principal or if the Principal passes away.

  • Nondurable: If the Principal is traveling and unavailable to attend a specific transaction, a Nondurable Power of Attorney will allow the Agent or Attorney-In-Fact to act in his/her behalf.   

  • Springing: As the name implies, this is utilized when or if a specific situation in the future springs up and remains in place until revoked by the court or the Principal passes away. This helps to avoid the emotional and costly expense of having the court appoint a Guardian, in the event a Power of Attorney is not provided.

Emotional Reasons for Power of Attorney

At UHB Law Group we work with our community residents, from the time they move to Manalapan, Marlboro, Freehold, Old Bridge and East Brunswick. Many buy their first home, expand their family, build a business and need help planning their future. We help every step of the way. Sometimes, as an act of concern and love… tough decisions have to be made in order to take this burden off family, friends and business associates. If you would like to learn more or need a Power of Attorney, call us and let’s sit down and speak. We want to be your community attorneys. 



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