Probate and Estate Administration

Experienced Lawyers in Monmouth County Help with Probate and Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is often overwhelming, emotional and filled with questions that require guidance and accurate answers:

  • Is there a will?

  • Is the will going to be challenged?

  • Is there debt?

  • Are there assets?

  • Who does what and where?

  • Do I need a lawyer?


Many families in our community are confident when they turn to a probate lawyer from UHB Law Group. We assist and protect you through the entire probate and estate administration process. We pride ourselves on explaining everything to all concerned, quickly resolving legal issues and ensuring final wishes are fulfilled.

Some clients need help to contest a will (must be done within 4 months of death in the state of New Jersey) or require representation to protect their interests and/or collect a debt. We handle all aspects of probate and estate administration. Our focus is YOU!

The Basics.. What’s Probate?

The word probate is the process in which the court validates a will. Once validated, the probate attorney, along with the Executor/Executrix oversee the distribution of any debt incurred by the deceased, as well as compiling the assets in preparation for distribution to beneficiaries. The transfer of assets and paying off any debt are part of answering the question, “What’s probate regarding a will?

If a will was not created prior to death, the courts will intervene. Unfortunately, this process is costly. Probate, supervised or unsupervised may be necessary under the following circumstances:


  • If a will exists, to prove it is valid.

  • If an Executor/Executrix or Trustee is not named in the will, one will be assigned.

  • If there is no will, the court will appoint an Administrator. 

  • Compile the assets and debts of the estate.

  • Distribute assets.

  • Pay off debts including the payment of taxes.

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