Shira Frackt, Esq.

Shira focuses her practice on estate and trust planning, administration of estates and trusts, and tax planning strategies. Shira also assists executors, trustees, and beneficiaries with legal matters that might arise during probate. 


Shira is admitted to practice law in the State of New Jersey and the State of New York. Shira is a graduate of New York University and Cardozo School of Law.  Prior to joining UHB Law Group, Shira worked as a trial lawyer for the City of New York at the Administration of Children’s Services.  During her time there she represented the City of New York in the prosecution of child abuse and neglect cases. The work involved constantly balancing the rights of the children to live a safe and healthy life and the rights of the parents or guardians to raise their children.  


During law school Shira worked at several not for profit organizations that worked to assist victims of domestic violence. In addition, she was involved with the Cardozo Journal for Conflict Resolution and Cardozo Advocates for Battered Women.  Shira was born and raised in Ocean County, New Jersey and currently resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey.  

Special Needs Trusts

A special needs trust  allows you to help plan for their long term future without risking their eligibility for government benefits - such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income.

Do I need a Will?

Sadly, over 70% of Americans do not have an up-to-date will. Not getting a will made or having an invalid will, can be a nightmare for those you love and care about.

Medicare Planning Trusts

Proper Medicaid planning, done in advance with assistance from an elder care attorney, may help you qualify for Medicaid when you need long-term care one day.

Probate & Estate Administration

Probate laws and estate administration focus on what happens after someone dies, as opposed to estate planning attorneys, who try to put a plan in place before death.



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