Considering a Special Needs Trust?

UHB Law Group helps Monmouth County & Middlesex County families with this decision.

There are times when parents, relatives or friends are concerned about helping a loved one who may have a disability or condition that makes living on their own and earning an income impossible. A special needs trust  allows you to help plan for their long term future without risking their eligibility for government benefits - such as Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. Whether your concern is for a child with developmental disabilities, a senior citizen’s limited income or someone struggling with a significant disability, a special needs trust may be the answer. Proudly, UHB Law Group has helped families in Manalapan, Marlboro and the surrounding towns and counties, breathe a sigh of relief by establishing a special needs trust to assist with finances.  


Creating a Trust


There are various types of special needs trusts, each of which can be complicated with specific guidelines. Each option will be discussed with a trust attorney from our firm. When creating a trust, we want to understand your goals, as the specific special needs of individual. Once all factors are discussed, a customized special needs trust is created. In addition, UHB Law Group will help you select an appropriate trustee - individual or corporation and explain the associated responsibilities.


For peace of mind… work with a Special Needs Attorney


Unfortunately, many assistance programs do not provide the financial comfort you would like for your loved one. Additional funds and/or property can help with the ever-rising healthcare costs, special transportation, food and daily activities to enrich life. Therefore, working with a special needs attorney, who has vast experience in special needs law is vital. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and earning your confidence. Our attorneys work with you to help ensure your final wishes are carried out and protected if challenged in the future.


If you have questions or concerns regarding a special needs trust, please call and schedule a consultation. One of our compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys is looking forward to helping you create a trust for that special person. UHB Law Group may have already helped some of your friends and neighbors… come see why!



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